Saturday, 21 May 2011

Stress Management: Take a break! Fun things to do online

More Fun things to do Online

In Need of Jokes and Amusement?

Here are some great sites to give you some jokes, a light hearted look at exams or just something to smile about. Have fun!

Cute pictures of cats with very amusing captions!

Preview Music Online

Take some time out to relax and preview music online.

Amazon’s MP3 store allows you to preview MP3 music online before you purchase.

Create an avatar at Yahoo!

Create a free avatar at Yahoo! You can even animate it. Use it on a 
forum, use it on MSN, use it anywhere!

Take a Personality Quiz

There are loads of quizzes here, some bizarre, some amusing, some quite interesting. Check it out and see if you learn more about yourself.

Stress Management: Take a Break - Take a Nintendo DS Break

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