Friday, 20 May 2011

Revision and Memory Tips and Techniques: Use Rhyme and Rhythm to Improve Your Memory.

A study tip that is often told to students is to use rhyme and rhythm as a revision technique. This article provides more information on this sometimes under-used method.

1. The use of rhythm comes naturally to people, and it is considered a natural and intuitive way to learn. You can test this out for yourself, you are more likely able to remember a song’s lyrics or a rhythmic poem than you would a list of points or keywords.

2. You can also use a song you like (a good chance to get out your MP3 player or ipod) and alter the lyrics to help your remember keywords or phrases that are essential for your exam. This memory technique allows you to be particularly creative and inventive.

This resource provides you with an example of how to put the rhyming revision/memory technique into practice.

4. Rhyme and Rhythm as a memory or revision technique can be especially useful when learning a new language, and teachers often provide students with songs and resources to introduce new topics to their students. Rhyme can also be a good way to remember a set of 
formulae or complicated equations.

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