How to Navigate this Site

So you may be wondering about the best way you can navigate this site (esp. if you are newer to the internet), in order to make the most of the resources I list for each blog post. 

1. Find the topic you are interested in by using the Study Guide Directory categories list, the search function or the blog archives. 

2. For each blog post you can choose to view as many of the resources as you like. On each blog post you will find a series of resources for that particular topic. To view these resources and still have this blog open so you can find more blog posts and thus more resources: use TABS. In your internet browser, right click on the link and open that link in the new TAB. That way you can have several TABs open and browse through all of them.

3. If you find a blog post that is really useful for you in future, don't forget to bookmark it, and come back to it later! Use the 'Bookmarks' or 'Favourites' feature in your internet browser. 

I hope these tips help in navigating this site. 

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