Friday, 13 May 2011

Revision Help and Tips: Dream Teachers YouTube - Study Questions Answered

Over at YouTube there is a Channel called 'Dream Teachers', that provides answers to questions on an array of subjects. It follows on from the 'Dream School' series on Channel 4 by Jamie Oliver.

From the FAQ: "The Britain's Dream Teachers channel is here for teachers to share their video explanations of the toughest topics at GCSE and Standard Grade."

I thought this may be helpful readers of this blog, as it may answer any important questions you have about your particular subject. It's also in video format which might provide a welcome change from textbooks and notes. Examples of topics covered are: 

Maths: Vectors, Pythagoras's theorem. 

English: Shakespearean language, Analysing Poetry - how do I analyse a poem I have never seen before?

Geography: Emerging Economies, Coastal erosion

History: Political and Economic history, Historical Change

Chemistry, Biology and Physics are also covered. 

Check out the Dream Teachers Channel to see if your subject and question is covered.

Good Luck!

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