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Memory and Revision Techniques for Exams: Improve Your Memory

How should I revise for exams? This is a question asked by many students, and the answer depends on your own preferences. My advice is to try several revision techniques, see which works best and then try more if you want to. Basically, you need to get experimenting. Use these techniques to improve your memory for exams! Before you do this, you need some resources which will give you the memory and revision techniques you need. Find them below, I hope they help you in your studying endeavors. Contact me via the contact page on the link on the right-hand sidebar to let me know how you got on! Good Luck and Happy Studying!

Some quick points before we get onto the resources:
  • Make your notes visual by: adding color to your notes and color-code your topics, highlighting keywords, draw pictures and diagrams.
  • Keep your notes tidy: Use files and organisers, use headings, and number or bullet points your work.
  • If you are tired of revision: Try revising with a friend, take a break, do something else - come back to your revision once you are ready.

Resources to Help You Ace that Exam!

Mnemonics (another word for a memory learning technique), lots of different methods to try out such as Association or Basic Mental Filing. Try and see what works for you.

A set of techniques to get started on. A brief description of each technique, from Charts and tables to Chunking to Rhymes and chants to Diagrams, and some examples to help you put these memory techniques into practice.

The above website presents a set of principles for memory and learning, each principle has a link. These links provide a brief set of points on how to put the memory principles into practice.

Memory Games and Exercises

You can try these types of exercises daily to help boost your memory to make sure it is always ready for that big test.

A whole range of fun games for you to test your memory, Memory Matrix, Familiar Faces, Memory Match and much more. Highly Recommended. 

In future posts, I will be providing resources for specific memory, revision and note-taking techniques such as mind maps

Colour makes your notes much more visually effective, and improves memory - find out how.

Improve your memory with Acronyms - find out how.

Use Revision Cards/Flash Cards to Improve Memory and speed up your revision.

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