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Mind Maps: Memory and Revision Tips and Techniques

Mind maps are a popular way to visually organize study material. Mind maps involve ‘key words’ that branch out from a central topic heading. Here are some  excellent examples to give you an idea:

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The reason mind maps are so popular is because they are considered to mimic the brain in terms of information storage. Mind maps are great for students  at High School, studying GCSEs, A Levels, SATs, and University who need a revision tip and technique that helps them improve their memory for exams. They are also an excellent tool for young children who can thrive from visual stimulus. Please refer to the end of this post for some highly recommended books for mind-mapping for younger children from an expert in the field of mind mapping.

Mind-mapping is also great for those with a hobby in a certain field like languages or geography where the hobbyist accumulates a lot of information. Just draw up a mind map about any subject to help you organize your topic, and view the material and keywords at a glance! You also get the opportunity to be more creative than you might with other styles of revision and note-taking.

Not only are they visually captivating, mind maps are tools that help you improve your memory and recall. By using keywords, the information on the mind-map is instantly condensed. You really can have some fun with this revision technique.

If you are not used to mind-mapping, you may need to try creating several mind-maps to get used to the technique and become more familiar with the layout. Some students also mention that they find mind-maps are really useful with one topic and subject but not for another, it really is all about seeing what works for you.

Start mind-mapping!

NOTE: This memory technique does work for a LOT of people, and a lot of people also have fun creating them, they may not work for everyone but try it out and see, it might work for you! 

If you want to get the most out of mind maps, it is advisable to purchase mind-map books written by an expert in the field. Please refer to the links to Tony Buzan's books just below and at the end of the post for more information. 

Explains the differences between mind-maps and conventional revision and note-taking techniques. Explains why he started to use mind-maps, and the advantages of mind-mapping. Video length: 4 mins 28 seconds.

Tony Buzan coined the term Mind Map. He wrote the first book on Mind-Mapping as a learning tool in the 1960s, and his books are considered definitive books in this field. 

  • These mind-map books will act as the ultimate resource in mind-mapping, guiding you from A-Z. These books will be useful throughout your studies, from school to university. You can also use them in your hobbies, planning absolutely anything (daily life, to-do lists, big events) and in your job!
  • You can only take Mind Maps so far if you use material that you glean from the internet. If you want to make sure you are creating valuable Mind Maps, and that your Mind Maps actually work for you, then it is essential to take your understanding further by investing in some high quality books on Mind Maps. 
  • The link just below will provide you with a page dedicated to books by Tony Buzan - a world renowned expert in the field of Mind Maps and education. The link below also provides low-cost books in comparison to other book retailers. You can preview most of Buzan's books. To find one that is most relevant to your needs browse the list and  check the Product Descriptions. You can also choose the books in a variety of formats including paperback, hardback, audio CD and audio cassette.

In short: If you want valuable and effective Mind Maps, and if you want to get knowledge straight from the 'horse's mouth' - get a Tony Buzan book.

Highly Recommended Books on Mind Maps by Tony Buzan at Amazon UK

Highly Recommended Books by Tony Buzan at

As always International Shipping is available for those outside the UK and US from both of these Amazon retailers.

You can also find a selection of Tony Buzan's highly recommended books in the links at the end of this post.

Follow these basic steps for a quick introduction on how to create your first mind-map!

To help you get started, and to provide a mind map outline.

Get some inspiration for your mind-maps at mind map You might not get your mind-maps looking like this at first, but with practice you might!

There are some fantastic, low-cost books over at Amazon that will help you learn more about and benefit more from Mind Maps. You will discover all the ins and outs of this technique, and these books are written by one of the most prominent experts in this field Tony Buzan

Please support this blog by buying from the links below! Thank you!

Please Note: Amazon provides International Shipping on products such as Books. So if you're in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America or anywhere else you can still get your hands on these great products. Please check Amazon's Help Page for more info on International Shipping Rates. 

Benefit Much More from Mind Maps 

Benefit Much More from Mind Maps 

Good Luck and Happy Studying!

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