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Revision and Study Timetables: Wall Planners

You may already have a daily or weekly revision/study timetable. You may have created it on your computer and printed it off.

However, for your next revision/study timetable, why not try a reusable, easy to use and fun wall planner? These wall planners are like whiteboards and markers pens can be used on them and the text you write can be easily wiped off. They come in weekly, monthly and yearly sizes. You can use them again and again, week after week, month after month and each and every year! They really are a study stationary must have.

TIP: If you have already created your study or revision timetable, why not  bookmark this post and keep this tip in mind for next time you need to plan your study and/or revision in the next academic year? That way you can get off to a brilliant and organised start as soon as the academic year starts. If you bookmark this post you can easily come back to it and browse when you are ready.

I have included a link to WhiteBoards with the Wall Planners, in case you are interested in using them for to-do lists, or studying in general. 

How will I benefit from a Wall Planner?

The benefits of a Wall Planner:

  • Wall Planners are an excellent investment for all students (and anyone else for that matter). Prospective and current University students should seriously consider them for one additional important reason. University students are given a very loose timetable. You have to be able to quickly and easily organise yourself. This is much easier if you already have tools, such as a Wall Planner and a diary. Most people use a diary and it is a good organisational tool. But being able to know what you need to do, and what needs to be done for the day/week/month in one quick glance at your wall is incredibly useful. You can identify upcoming deadlines and plan accordingly, fitting in last minute plans easily and deftly. Find all the lectures, seminars and other organised activities you need to go to in a day/week/month. Improve your time management skills by easily finding time slots to fit in work for writing that essay due in next week or reading for a seminar. The type you choose will depend upon your personal preferences and studying requirements. Not only will you feel organised, you will be organised. 

  • Wall Planners can be placed on your wall to display your activities for each day of the week. This way you can see what you need to get on with via one glance at your wall rather than flicking through reams and reams of paper.

  • You may also be getting a bit tired of using note paper and books after note-taking for your revision. Using a wall planner will provide you with a welcome break. Not to mention – it’s eco-friendly! You will be drastically cutting down on paper in the form of diaries and note-book organizers.

  • They are incredibly easy to use, just note down what you need to do each day with the marker pen and there are some wall planners which come with stickers to organize your activities. If you make a mistake or realize you are being unrealistic with the amount of work you are setting yourself – don’t worry! There really is no need for tip-ex, untidy scribbling out or to start your whole timetable over again. Just wipe off what you don’t need and start again. It makes life that much easier. 

  • The great bit about a wall-planner is that you can change your timetable day by day. You can be more flexible and easily re-schedule if something unexpected comes up. 

  • You can easily write your to-do list onto the wall planner to make sure you get more done. You will be giving yourself clear deadlines for your to-do list rather than just letting the list grow and grow.

  • If you are the type who loves the idea of writing on a whiteboard, and being able to quickly edit your timetable with no fuss, there really is no reason for why you shouldn't have a Wall Planner.

TIP: Get a set of dry-wipe marker pens in a range of colors, to help make your Wall Planner colorful, much more interesting to look at, and to stock up on pens in case any pen included runs out! Links for colored marker pens are included are the end of this post.

Please Note: International Shipping is available on both and Both of these Amazon websites ship products to the whole world, whether in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America and so on. Wall Planners are usually unique to the respective UK or US site so if there is one type of Wall Planner that you particularly like and that would be a joy to use for you, it is well worth using international shipping. Please refer to Amazon's website for further details.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Wall Planners

A Huge Range of Wall Planners Available

Weekly and Monthly Wall Planners - Huge Variety

Yearly Wall Planners - Huge Variety

WhiteBoards for Study - If you are interested in investing in a WhiteBoard for to-do lists.

Coloured Marker Pens 

The Wall Planners sometimes come with one marker pen that is blue or black. It is a very worthwhile investment to get a set of Coloured Markers Pens, to further colour-code your activities, make it easier to identify activities and make your Wall Planner much nicer to look at! DryWipe/Erase Coloured Marker Pens can be used with Wall Planners and Whiteboards.

DryWipe Coloured Marker Pens

DryWipe/Erase Coloured Marker Pens

Good Luck and Happy Studying!

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