Wednesday, 15 June 2011

University Fees: Tuition Fees UK – Should Rich Students be able to pay for University Places?

University Fees

If students from wealthier backgrounds can pay more, should they be able to pay for the places they want at a University in the UK? This is a question that is facing the Tuition Fees debates in the UK. In the article linked below there are two opinions, one that believes that if everyone will win from this situation, and another that believes we are going backwards. What should Universities in the UK do and say about this situation? Should they support those who want to pay more by extra fee-paying places? If the rich are paying more this can be viewed as a good thing. But these changes could mean a more privatized system in UK University education in the end.

From the source: Everybody wins - Nobody loses and everybody wins from the government's proposal to allow universities to create extra places, on top of the government's student quotas, for those willing to pay higher upfront fees…. A Century of progress disregarded: According to a report by one policy research institution, England is about to experience "the largest single increase in tuition fees anywhere in the world since records began".

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