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Study and Revision Skills Tips and Techniques: Study or Revise Faster and Smarter

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If you get the right resources you will be able to ensure that you 1. do not work longer than necessary. 2. find suitable revision techniques. 3. find the latest learning techniques. I know because I have purchased several books like these. I would not have achieved top grades without them. In fact, I struggled before I got hold of any books. The techniques I found on the internet were hit and miss, and there was so much information I didn't know what to do with it. Basically, I was in need of expert guidance. I always used the internet to get study resources but they would only complement the study skills books I had bought. 

So how do you Study Smarter and Faster?

1. Do not rely on the internet alone. I thought I could sometimes, but I realised quickly that it was lacking. No-one is going to give you the best information for free. A lot of the key experts and educators write and publish study skills books.

2. Study Skills books by key experts and educators give you a massive advantage and boost in studying, revisions, and exams. These guides are like a companion book that you will use throughout your journey. 

You can get books on:
  • essay writing, grammar and spelling to take your written work to the level that examiners want to see, and that would be a pleasure for them to mark.
  • study skills handbooks that provide you with the A-Z of studying and give you a huge range of high quality suggestions all in one book. You can them all out and see which works best. Time management, essay planning, note-taking, organising notes, learning styles, the author's particular approach to learning that they advocate that you will not find anywhere else, such as Stella Cottrell's learning methods in The Study Skills Handbooks and Colin Rose's perspectives in Accelerated Learning.

If you are worried about this book being an extra cost then there are a few things to take into account: 
Online you will find discounted, low-cost books. Amazon is a great place to shop for your books. not just that but they have books that you will struggle to find in your usual bookstore. You can use your study skills guides year after year, you can sell them second hand to other students on ebay or Amazon marketplace or even a student bookshop, when you are finished with it, or you can pass your book onto a sibling. When it's put like that, and you consider the benefits of getting one, the cost itself feels negligible.

On the links below, you can see there are a wide range of books. I have picked a set of books: 1. Accelerated Learning, 2. Tony Buzan, 3. Palgrave books.

These are top quality books that are highly approved of not just by me, but by other students and customers.

You can also take this opportunity to get all the books you will need such as a study skills handbook, essay writing guide, a student diary planner and organiser and a Tony Buzan Memory skills book for exams. 

Accelerated Learning - Study Faster, Study Smarter, Be Study Wise and Get your copy of these top-selling books!

Accelerated learning guides you will notice sometimes aim towards teachers, but there is still a lot in these books for students, and in fact its the students who should know this information, not the teachers. If you get hold the top tips that these books can tell both students and teachers you will be able to implement techniques you never knew about into your studying. 

Some of the customer reviews say that these a few of these books may be a little out-dated, but I would say as a student, there is still a massive interest in these books because they still deliver the results you need and the information you want on: learning curves, how to review material for exams, how to implement relaxation into your studying in order to study better, how to enhance visual learning and much more.

Tony Buzan's Bestsellers, From Mind Maps to Memory Techniques, Find the Study Skills Book of your Dreams

Try Buzan's Memory Skills books and Mind Map books, there is also the Buzan Study Skills Handbook.

Palgrave Study Skills Books are great for University Students and other students. From How to Write Essays, to Complete Handbooks on Study Skills, Palgrave Books come with a Huge Seal of Approval Sticker from Other Students who use these Books

If you are not sure where to start with these books try: Dr Stella Cottrell's books first, I have really enjoyed using her books, and so have a lot of other students as the customer reviews show. And if you are looking for a particular topic such as essay writing, search for essay writing skills books, or essay grammar and referencing guides that will help you. 

If you are in the US, use the search box on the left hand sidebar to find these books on the Amazon US site, that I have placed there for your convenience.

The Study Skills Handbook (Palgrave Study Skills)
Margo Learmouth of Robert Gordon University, Dr Murray Simpson, University of Dundee, Jenny Fisher at Manchester Metropolitan University, Dr Keith Pond at Loughborough University, to name but a few have high praise, for this Study Skills Handbook that, as a student, you really can't do without.

For those elsewhere, International Shipping is available at Amazon, some of these books are hard to find in UK bookstores, let alone in bookstores overseas, so it is well worth looking into international shipping, find more information on the Amazon website. Or you could choose to download the ebook or try the video course that I suggested on the link above. 

I have provided visitors with a range of choices, as I would like to meet all of your needs. If there is something in particular that you would like to see here as you are from overseas, by all means send me a message either on the comments section or contact me, and I'll get back to you asap. 

I want to help you, so if there is a type of resource you want to see, then please let me know and I'll see what I can do. I can only do so much, but if I can help, I will! 

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