Saturday, 16 April 2011

Time Management: General Tips for Students

Managing your time as a student is essential. If you want to succeed in education, you have got to put the time in, and put regular time aside for study in your daily and weekly schedule. In this article, I provide some human-reviewed (that's right, not 'bot' reviewed!) resources that will help you on your way to educational success! 

We all struggle from time to time (no pun intended!) with our time management. It is one of the major issues that students say they struggle with. Trying to find time work and rest, going out and studying, can be a tough task indeed. Do you find yourself struggling or do you think you have your time strategy sussed? Either way we can all do with some tips, resources and help in order to make the most of our time!

As a student, at first I would often struggle with time management. I would spend too long either working or resting, I just didn’t seem to get the balance right! That was until I started using Time Management techniques I found around the internet, and study skills guides and actually spending time to sort out a daily schedule.

Please Note: I cannot be held responsible for the material held on other sites, it may be subject to change.

Get tips to improve your time management now!

5. Time Management Principles at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Still check it out if you are not a University student as the tips there are general!

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